KJS Resources was incorporated in November of 1995. Operation began in a spare bedroom of Karl & Becky Steed’s family household. Within a couple of months company operations were moved to a small office in Wake Village, Texas.

Karl & Becky began KJS with the idea that they could provide better personnel placement than the employment agencies available in Texarkana. Becky was employed at the time in upper management at another company. She had tried numerous times to recruit from the other employment agencies but was unable to find one that could provide quality applicants for her staffing needs. Coincidentally, Becky’s husband Karl had an extensive background in hiring employees. Karl decided to try his hand at finding employees for Becky. They both found that he had a knack for interviewing and screening applicants. This was the humble beginning of KJS Resources. KJS was formed as a result of a need for a more attentive staffing service in the Texarkana area.

Along with Karl and Becky, MS. Daniels and Tiffany round out the KJS Team

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